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Dubai is an extraordinary place to visit. The sights and sounds are almost too much to take in. Our tour guide explained to us that someone else creates it, then they perfect it. They specialize in bigger and better. The Dubai Mall is a spectacle. It’s so large that it took us three days to explore it. We probably saw 75% of it. After 3 days we gave up. The square footage is about 12 million square feet. It’s truly amazing. The indoor sky slope takes it over the top. They have recreated and enlarged Bellagio’s version of the the fountain. While you are there, do not miss out on Abu Dhabi. There are so many things to see. Even as a non-Muslim, you have to see the Grand Mosque. Of course, it’s the largest in the world. That’s just what they do. If you have opportunity experience the marvel of Dubai, please alott at least 10 days to be able to immerse yourself in the culture.


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