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Myrtle Beach After Dark

In general, whether Myrtle Beach is considered a safe place to visit can vary depending on individual preferences, lifestyle factors, and personal experience. Crime rates are higher compared to both state and national averages, with burglary, theft, and vehicle theft as notable offenses. 

With a population of around 36,500 individuals, there are, on average, close to 2,000 crime cases, making it the sixth most dangerous city in South Carolina. The violent crime rate is about 49.31 per 1,000 residents, which makes it a higher crime rate compared to both state and national averages. 

A significant number of unsavory characters come out after dark. Additionally, the Ocean Blvd. cruisers crowd the strip on Friday and Saturday nights. Note that there is a significant police presence both nights. Personally, I felt safe the seven days I was there, but we limited our activity after the sun went down. Unlike most towns with that few residents, it had peculiar ambience.

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